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  SUPAMOSS: The All-In-One Flexible Moss Substitute

    SUPAMOSS is a textured, flexible material which imitates the appearance of natural green moss but is complete with a water Retentive membrane which allows sufficient, but not too much, drainage and can be planted through with the minimum effort.

    SUPAMOSS when planted up in any container, has the appearance of natural green moss but, unlike moss, retains its appearance throughout the season.

    SUPAMOSS is quick, clean, easy to use, and has indefinite shelf life.


    "After more than 12 years of experimenting with hanging baskets, I have found Supamoss to be the best basket liner for our city's hanging basket program. It is easy to plant through, looks great until the plants fill in and most importantly, conserves water throughout the summer months." - C. Dwayne Jones, Horticulturist and Superintendent of Parks & Horticulture for the City of Waynesboro, Virginia

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PL-SUPA1 50 Supamoss - Retail Pack
24" Sq - will line basket up to 16" diameter
PL-SUPA2 1 Supamoss - Roll
24" x 200' - will line 100 - 16" baskets.
PL-SUPA11 1 Supamoss - Mini Roll
24" x 100' - will line 50 - 16" baskets.
PL-SUPA5 1 Supamoss Roll - 16" x 200'
PL-SUPA6 1 Supamoss Roll - 18" x 200'
PL-SUPA7 50 Supamoss Bulk Square - 24" x 24"
PL-SUPA30 1 Supamoss Roll - 30" x 200'
PL-SUPA36 1 Supamoss Roll - 36" x 200'
PL-SUPASD 30 24" x 24" Circle Shelf Display
PL-SUPASR 1 Supamoss Retail Spinner Display
PL-SUPA3 1 Supamoss Display Stand
PL-SUPACS 1 3 Commercial Roll Supamoss Display Stand

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