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  Stone Lite

    Our Stone Lite flower pots have been developed specifically for our customers incorporating the very latest European design trends and stone finishes.

    These multi-use flower pots come in popular sizes with drainage holes and water reservoir system that keeps a minimal amount of water in the pot so the root system does not become water logged and plants can be kept watered as the root system has a reserve to draw from.

    Pots are available in different weather resistant finishes; they will be appreciated by consumers as complementary indoor or outdoor décor pieces, to display their favorite plants and flowers.

    Our Factory direct prices will give you a competitive edge without compromising quality. For your added convenience we provide Mixed Container and Pallet Programs.

For more information and pictures of the various products in this family, click the Catalogue link to view or download the complete catalogue.

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Image of Stone Lite product

Image of Stone Lite product